Don’t Tell My Sister

Hey there guys! Welcome to a brand new installment of soapy massage with some more delicious and lovely scenes to see as always. We know you adore watching these hot masseuses in action and you know we’re always eager to please by showing you more and more every week. Anyway, this one is quite the hot scene here but mostly because of the circumstances that were present. There’s two sisters doing massages here. Well they look very much alike and this week, one decided to steal a client from the other. And naturally she got caught red handed but she worked out a deal with the client in exchange for a soapymassage today to not spill the beans.


Well it’s not like the guy was going to tell on her anyway as he finally got to see if twins do feel the same. Turns out not really in their case as where the other one is quite sensual and passionate, this one likes it rough and hard. So pretty much zero massaging went down in this scene with the two of them and they straight up went for the fucking. See them doing a nice sixty nine with the babe sucking off on his cock while she gets her pussy eaten. Then you can see them using that air mattress to it’s full potential while the hot babe spreads her sexy long legs for the guy. See her tight and wet cunt pounded hard style today and enjoy the show as always. We’ll be seeing you soon!

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