Asa and Lizz

Today’s new soapy massage scene is quite unique and hot to boot. You’ll see in just a minute what we’re talking about and you will surely adore the whole thing too as it’s guaranteed to remain in your fantasies. It was a special occasion for this dude for his first ever massage like this and miss Asa Akira is the guest star here that wants to give him a special initiation to the whole thing. And to do that, she’s gotten her good buddy Lizz to come in and give her a hand in treating this guy just right during a soapymassage this afternoon. Well we bet that by now you’re eager to see them play so let’s just get the show going and see the whole sensual action shall we?


The guy gets instructed to go in and lay down to the gray air mattress as the babes prepare and when they come into view the guy was already letting his imagination run wild. Which is still under representing how hot these two babes looked when they came in. And they take down each other’s robes after which, you can all see them oil one another up in preparation for the next part. See the two ladies putting those expert hands to good use as they massage this guy up and down and make sure he’s relaxed and then for part two of the whole thing they take their time to fuck him hard too. See Asa and Lizz taking turns to ride his fat cock this afternoon and enjoy the whole scene!

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